YouScheduler generates ALL possible schedules matching your classes and personal preferences!
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Over 500,000 schedules have been generated by this web-app since 2018!

Supported Features:

- View ALL possible schedules that match your preferences!
- Don't know if your class requires a lab section? We do!
- Forget accounts: simply save your favorite schedules!
- Need more options? Just repeat the randomized search!
- Too many restrictions? Deactivate maximum flexibility!


"YouScheduler is an awesome tool for anybody looking to visualize and compare schedules in a seamless and efficient manner. The customization available allows me to choose the classes that best fit my needs as a commuting student. I would highly recommend YouScheduler to my friends! 10/10!"

- TJ Evarts, Chemical Engineering Sophomore @ UNH

"Super easy to use!! Instead of writing a bunch of scribbled schedules on paper, I was able to use this which gave me the best schedule within minutes of me being on the website."

- Anonymous, Google Survey

"This tool saved me countless hours of work: it found non-conflicting schedules for my 6 courses!"

- Honey Choksi, Computer Science Junior @ UNH


The YouScheduler software has been provided for students and faculty at designated Universities. Please file a bug report if you come across any problems while planning course schedules. The YouScheduler team does NOT assume responsibility for any registration issues or miscalculated schedules. Each student agrees to use this service respectfully and shall assume FULL responsibility of your usage of the app, agreeing to never deliberately overload the website, or try to alter the functionality of the YouScheduler app. We would appreciate your feedback via email or the survey that you’ll see on the final save page. You may also send inquiries and suggestions to: support@youscheduler.com