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Kristian Comer

Kristian Comer is an entrepreneur and software developer. He has one go-to quote, "You're gonna need a bigger boat." Every day, Kristian has the pleasure of working for his own company and seeing the changes he makes in his home community. Being one of two employees allows Kristian to touch every part of the business. One day might be spent speaking to clients and expanding the YouScheduler network and the next could be spent in a dark room staring at a screen for 8 hours. His celebration dinners have one rule, there has to be a fresh medium-rare steak accompanied by mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli. Outside the office you can either find Kristian binging Game of Thrones, hiking, or skiing. Every Spring, Summer, and Fall is spent waiting for snow to land on the peaks.

Francesco Mikulis-Borsoi

Francesco Mikulis-Borsoi is an entrepreneur and software developer. He's usually described as "Too Italian to forget!" On the daily, he can be found working in the public library of the University of New Hampshire, and most employees are convinced that he spends more time there compared to themselves. Having a strong passion for the field of Computer Science has led Francesco to continuously broaden his knowledge in this field and prepare for the working environment. Francesco is driven by his love for coffee and the impact he makes in his surrounding world, every day. From helping a friend with their tech problems, to developing YouScheduler, he can't wait for his Sunday-night ice cream! Francesco loves to listen to music, sleep, and read the news. Even though he's on all the social networks, his most important personal rule is to not be connected to the digital world too much!
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Jessie DeLouis

Financial and Digital Marketing Intern
Jessie DeLouis is a full time business student in Peter T. Paul College at the University of New Hampshire studying business administration with a concentration in finance. She is interning with YouScheduler over the summer as part of the Peter T. Paul Entrepreneurial Center sponsored by the Patten Family Foundation. Jessie is usually seen hard at work in Paul College, a Rutman Women’s Fellowship meeting, or Club Lacrosse practice. When she has time she enjoys spending time with her friends, running for the MR8 Foundation, or skiing with family. Her coffee addiction gives Jessie the fuel to conquer each day. Jessie is eager to start her professional career outside academics and is excited to begin her journey at YouScheduler this summer.

Caleb Peffer

Software Developer Intern
Caleb is a software developer and design fanatic. He is convinced that coding is the essentially real-life magic, motivating him to spends countless hours researching and developing new programs. His addiction to the feeling of transforming an idea into reality is only rivaled by his love of the outdoors, coffee, playing guitar, and more coffee. In his spare time, you’ll find him hiking, reading, painting, or guiltily snacking on shredded cheese from bag! Make sure not to bring up the ending of Game of Thrones unless you’re ready to listen to a rant.
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Baxter Image


Chief Morale Officer
Baxter is arguably one of the most important members of the team. His time is spent sleeping, eating, and sleeping some more. As you can see from his image, he likes to spend his time floating in the pool soaking up the sun while the rest of the team stays inside and works. Just remember to leave no socks left unguarded.