Empower students to easily build a schedule that is tailored to them. A student's schedule is the foundation of their daily life and can either make each day laborious or painless. Now, students see all possible schedules filtered by their preferences by blocking sections and creating breaks for sports, work, and any other life conflict! A schedule optimized for students is the foundation for increasing attendance, academic performance, and graduation rates!

Student Schedule Example


The YouScheduler Assistant is can be used on any device, anywhere. Every design and feature choice is designed one fundamental principle: simplicity. Each feature and its purpose is clear at a glance, enabling all users (both students and faculty), to utilize the service to its full potential. Every schedule contains all pertinent information, such as, class size, registration number, instructor, restrictions, and more. Favorite schedules can be download as a PDF, or saved directly to the website, even without an account!


  • See all scheduling options in a single location with course details
  • Maintain work-lfe balance between education, extra-curriculars, and family
  • Eliminate the many scheduling frustrations of the registration process
  • Shift the focus from when courses are offered to what courses are offered
  • Explore all conflict-free schedules and identify your perfect fit
  • Simplify orientation for students and ease their transition to your college


  • Facilitate student distribution throughout course sections
  • Enable advisors to compare many schedule options with their students
  • Allow advisors to spend time advising opposed to schedule feasibility
  • Gain new insights from the analytics behind the scheduling process
  • Our extensive testing suite ensures stable and rapid solutions
  • Place students in their best schedule the first time reducing errors


  • We value privacy: adopt YouScheduler without student accounts or PII
  • ZERO integration: let us bring YouScheduler to your institution
  • Minimal integration option requiring no effort from your IT team
  • Enable more features and expand the scheduling analytics
  • Combined with AWS hosting, we guarantee a reliable and fast service
  • Easy to use on any device due to our responsive and optimized interface



  • Analyze student breaks and preferences
  • Identify key course conflicts
  • Access vital course trends
  • Reduce course catalogue errors

The mechanism of student course registration generates crucial data for isolating issues and discovering new insights into the registration process. YouScheduler Registration Analytics develops reports with course trends, conflicts, and recommendations to optimize the registration process for students, advisors, and administrators.

Students of different grades and personalities all approach scheduling differently. Understand how many students are proactive and start early. Identify how many students procrastinate leaving little time to consider multiple options and offer additional resources to ensure they still get the most from their education.

Receive reports detailing the popularity of courses in each department and what other courses are often taken in tandem. Identify which courses or sections are causing the most conflicts and restricting the most amount of students from building the schedules they need.

Analyze student breaks and preferences data to gain new insights into student life. Understand when students request the most breaks and what courses should be scheduled around them. See how often time is blocked for sports and work to ensure essential courses are available.

Course catalogues may have errors or missing information, leaving the student confused. Receive notifications when a course may have an error, such as missing building and room, the meeting time, or a time and location conflict with a different course. Stop database errors before they cause issues.

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